John A. Germinario, Chief Executive Officer; John has established an outstanding reputation in the Financial Workplace that is the result of a lifetime "hands-on" experience combined with logical and innovative equations for business growth in numerous areas of the "industry".  In first forming ADR Management Group Ltd. in 1993, he has truly integrated his entrepreneurial skills while developing them in the financial workplace and utilizing his expertise in International Corporate Finance and Global Capital Markets.

John Germinario is regarded as one of the world's most knowledgeable experts on International Capital Markets and Depositary Receipts. He was at the forefront of the dramatic growth of Depositary Receipts being used as a corporate finance vehicle in addition to being instrumental in the development and evolution of DR's into becoming the preferred security for investors who seek international growth opportunities.

Among the many accomplishments of Mr. Germinario's career have been the developments of the American Depositary Receipts Portfolios for the two leading Depositary Banks in the United States. Additionally, he held both Managing Director of ADR's for Citibank and Vice President and Co-Founder of the ADR business for the Bank Of New York.  In addition, John constructed and spearheaded the creation of a strong and competitive ADR business for The Chase Manhattan Bank as well as an international consultant to numerous investment banks, institutional investors, Law and Accounting firms, International Stock Exchanges and Government and Regulatory Agencies including the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and JP Morgan Bank.

During his career, he has lent his experiences to various investor relations agencies throughout the world in an effort to provide an accurate and common understanding of American and Global Depositary Receipts. He has acquired an equal partnership of Citigate North America during the 1990's, currently the Global company is one of the largest investor and public relations agencies in the world today although his interest in Citigate has long been dissolved.

John Germinario's accomplishments in the International Financial Sector are formidable! Under his leadership, Mr. Germinario established well over 300 Depositary Receipts Programs and developed in excess of 60 Global Depositary Receipt programs, such as the very first GDR ever for Samsung Corporation of South Korea. During his depositary bank tenures, he has amassed billions of ADR shares for the banks as a result of his strategic relationships with the institutional investment and worldwide brokerage communities. He was also responsible for the robust ADR movement for Australian and South East Asian Company's during the 1980's and the Mexican/South American and Australasian GDR trend of the 1990's.

For three decades, Mr. Germinario has taken an active role in international emerging growth companies in there need for shareholder diversification, global listings and various other corporate finance activities. Moreover, he has dedicated a significant amount of time throughout his career, educating worldwide financial institutions in their quest to understand and trade international securities. In doing so, he has logged nearly 2 million miles in pursuit of corporate/institutional business and global exposure, generating annuity fees in the billions of dollars for the banks.
Mr. Germinario has and continues to advise and influence necessary changes to the Depositary Receipts Industry with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States.

John A. Germinario
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